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A modern Home Being contructed in Palm Springs

General Contractor Palm Springs

Your #1 Partner

Troy Construction Design is a versatile General Commercial & Residential Design Build Contractor specializing in both commercial & residential building projects, delivering high-quality results with a focus on client satisfaction.

Construction Services Palm Springs - A Modern Glass Building


Residential/Commercial Design And Construction

At Troy Construction Design a wide variety of services are available!  
Division 1 - Design, plan, structure, budget, manage, remodel, renovate, consult, execute, source, develop, acquire
Division 2 - Demolition services

Division 3 - Concrete, cement, formwork, rebar, mortar
Division 4 - Masonry, plaster, stucco
Division 6 - Wood/metal framing, rough & finish carpentry
Division 7 - Water seal, caulk, roof, foam, tile, water proofing, gutters, flashing, sheet metal
Division 8 - Millwork, cabinets, woodworking, custom glazing, glass, aluminum framing
Division 9 - Painting, drywall, insulation, texture, stucco, acoustics
Division 13 - Pools, spas
Division 22 - Plumbing, electrical, gas, water, copper, pex, bathroom, kitchen
Division 23 - Heating, venting, air conditioning
Divisions 31,32,33 - Earthwork, grading/excavation, utilities, curb & gutter, asphalt, stone, fencing, gates

Established as a family-owned and operated business in 2017, Troy Construction Design proudly serves California & Arizona. As you consider partnering with us for your construction design projects, instead of wondering what Troy Construction Design can do for you, ask yourself, "Is there anything Troy Construction Design can't do for you?"






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